Zero Balancing
Susan Cartlidge CertZB

Zero Balancing (known as ZB) is a gentle yet powerful hands-on method of balancing body energy with body structure.  Using finger pressure and held stretches, it invites the release of tension accumulated in the deep structures of the body.  ZB provides a point of stillness around which the body can relax, giving an opportunity to let go of unease and pain. The name Zero Balancing arose spontaneously from a recipient’s description of the session she had just received.

How did Zero Balancing originate?

Dr. Fritz Smith, an osteopath, physician and acupuncturist, developed the principles of ZB in 1975.  He understood the importance of integrating mainstream Western scientific approaches to body structure with concepts of energy and healing used routinely in the East.  He teaches internationally, training practitioners and teachers to use and teach ZB.  Zero Balancers* are also health care professionals in other fields.  The Zero Balancing Association UK organises the thorough training programme that leads to accreditation as a Certified Zero Balancer.

*The term Certified Zero Balancer is reserved for those who have completed the Certification Programme and actively maintain their status through membership of ZBA UK.  They use the abbreviation Cert.ZB after their names.

How can Zero Balancing help?

Zero Balancing promotes a deep sense of physical and emotional harmony, allowing our own natural healing process to work more effectively. The following are some of the areas in which it may be of help:

Flexibility and Posture

ZB focuses on the groups of joints in the body that are involved with the smooth transmission of forces through the weight-bearing skeleton - in effect they act as shock absorbers.  ZB evaluates and improves the function of these joints, working towards optimum balance and efficiency in their relationship with each other and with the whole body.  This encourages natural realignment and improved posture.

Stress Reduction

ZB is an effective and gentle way of dealing with accumulated stress in the body and mind.  People often feel relaxed and refreshed after a session.

Body Pain

Pain usually occurs in areas where energy flow is blocked or weakened, commonly in areas of tension or overuse.  ZB restores energy flow, so removing the causes of pain and improving body awareness.

General Wellbeing

ZB generates an active and conscious state of wellbeing.  Pleasurable in itself, it can provide a foundation for continuing good health.

About Susan Cartlidge

I am a Certified Zero Balancer and a member of ZBA UK. I’ve been active as a bodyworker and teacher for over 25 years, first at the Wren Clinic in the City of London, then in Wales at Cardiff Health Practice and the Abergavenny Natural Therapy Centre and now I am based solely at Bridge Therapies. The elegance and simplicity of ZB bodywork is a daily source of inspiration to me, as is the ability of the human body to heal itself.

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Zero Balancing