Nutritional Therapy
Sharon Ling Dip NT MBANT

Nutritional therapy is a means of assessing a persons diet to ensure it is properly balanced and contains all of the necessary components.

Considered a complementary medicine, nutritional therapy is relevant for people who wish to enhance their health and wellbeing as well as for those requiring support with certain health concerns.

Typically supported conditions are raised blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, digestive conditions such as IBS, acid reflux, bloating or constipation, poor immunity and anaemia.

Other support may be for child and teen nutrition, women’s nutrition including PMT, menopause and bone health, male and female fertility and specific diets such as vegan.

Some people simply want to ensure they are eating healthily; others may want to lose weight or are frustrated that they always feel tired and are lacking in energy.

Since food is fundamental to everyday life, making the right choices more often than not may make a difference to how you feel as well as your short and long term well being.

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What’s involved in a nutritional consultation?

Therapists use a number of tools to assess and identify nutritional imbalances and understand how these may be contributing to symptoms and health concerns.

Consultations require completion of a questionnaire prior to meeting. This provides background information about your health as well as an insight into your typical dietary habits.

Once a consultation has taken place, a personalised dietary plan is devised to meet the health needs of the individual.

Testing and Supplements

Diagnostic testing and advice on supplements is available if required.

About Sharon Ling

Sharon Ling BSc MBA Dip NT is a qualified nutritional therapist and member of the British Association of Nutritional Therapists.

Sharon’s interest in diet and health stemmed from working with nutritionists in the food and health industry fifteen years ago.

Individual and personalised advice from professionals working in the field of nutrition was not easily accessible at that time.

As the body of evidence linking diet to health grew, the importance of understanding food andit’s impact on the body became increasingly apparent.

This led Sharon to move from the world of organisational change management and retrain in the field of nutrition.

Experience in taking large numbers of people through a process of change has proven invaluable in her current role of helping people adopt new dietary habits.

Please contact Sharon for more information or to make an appointment.

07584 417654

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Nutritional Therapy