Helen Best, RSHom, LicWSH, BSc(Hons)

Homeopathy had been calling me for a long time. I graduated in 2017 from the rigorous practitioner training course at Welsh School of Homeopathy in Carmarthen taught by the extraordinarily talented homeopaths Linda Gwillim and Bill Rumble. Linda was recently awarded the Fellowship of the Society of Homeopaths in recognition of thirty years working with the Matridonal Remedies, the gifts of the mother. These deep acting remedies are capable of going back all the way to birth or even earlier to heal traumas and disconnections which are often at the root of eating disorders, allergies and problems with relationships which can be lifelong. Bill taught us how to utilise all of our senses in the case witnessing process to discern the mistunement of the intelligent Vital Force, our innate self-healing mechanism whose function is to restore us to balance and wholeness.

Consultation and Treatment

Initial consultation will last up to 90 minutes to allow plenty of time for your unique story to unfold. In order to get the most benefit from your treatment, I recommend we meet again after four to six weeks for the first few months to check on progress, and then less frequently as you get better. Follow-ups last up to an hour.

Appointments are available Tuesday mornings, Thursday afternoons or Saturdays and other times may be possible by arrangement.

I am humbled by the remedies' profound ability to bring about re-membering and re-connection, to catalyse change on all levels of a person's being. Walking alongside the patient, observing with curiosity what makes each one of us unique I aim to work collaboratively in a way which is empowering, so that you too can find your own right place characterised by a sense of ease and flow. I especially resonate with new remedies which I feel are needed now to face the challenges of our times including increasing incidence of environmental sensitivities of all kinds.

About Helen Best

Growing up in the far West of Cornwall, surrounded by books, witnessing first-hand the art scene of 1960s St Ives, I found inspiration in the wild places of this ancient landscape. My mother who painted and taught primary school inspired my love of beauty and search for Truth. My father was a botanist and allopathic pharmacist who added an “I wonder what would happen if” curiosity and abiding love of adventures.

I became further immersed in green thinking while studying Environmental Sciences at Southampton University seeking ways to live ethically and sustainably on the Earth. I very much see my therapeutic practice as fitting into this living lightly ethos.

I'm a self-reflective practitioner who delights in journaling, creating collage and photography. I am passionate about continuing my professional development, exploring the very latest developments in this healing art while remaining grounded in tradition.

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