Acupuncture (Traditional Chinese)
Dr Richard Birch

What I love about acupuncture is that it uses the body’s own amazing healing abilities to bring about improvements in a very wide range of situations.

As well as the standard fine filament (needle) insertion, I also use laser acupuncture in many treatments.

A few people request that I use only this method which avoids the insertion of the filaments.

I enjoy explaining all the treatments and recommendations that I make and always ensure that my clients are fully informed and involved in their care.

About Dr Birch

I have twenty years’ experience as a Doctor in NHS General Practice and chose to specialise in using acupuncture as a natural progression from my interest in primary care prevention.

My training and experience of both Western and Eastern theories dovetail in a very positive way, each strengthened by the other.

If you are wondering whether you’d like to start experiencing the health benefits that acupuncture brings, then please do contact me and I will give you a very honest and realistic view on your situation and how I will be able to help.

Please contact Richard for more information or to book an appointment.

Tel: 07957 882040


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